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The Society aims to become the recognized forum to foster ongoing local and international collaboration on education with the intent to advance the treatment of all aspects of mood disorder and psychotic illnesses, particularly schizophrenia and to improve outcomes and quality of life for those suffer from psychiatric illness and their carers or family members.

AANP Council Members: 


President: Prof. CHOU Yuan-Hwa (Taiwan)

Vice-President: Dr. LEE Cheng (Singapore)

Vice-president: Dr. Paul LEE (the Philippines)

Honorary Secretary: Dr WONG Ming Cheuk Michael (Hong Kong)

Honorary Treasurer: Dr Yeh Chin Bin (Taiwan)

Ex-officio: Prof. MANIAM Thambu (Malaysia)

Secretariat: Prof. Mak Kei Yan - Coordinator (Hong Kong)

Secretariat: Dr. Cheung Yat Wo Eric - Deputy Coordinator (Hong Kong)


Dr. Hazil ZAKARIA (Malaysia)

Dr. CHAN Lai Fong (Malaysia)

Dr. Marga M. MARAMIS (Indonesia)

Dr. Nurmiati Amir (Indonesia)

Dr. REDDY Mavuluru Sai Kumar (India)

Prof. Pichet Udomratn (Thailand)

Dr Joao PICARRA (Macau)

Dr LEE Yu Wei (Singapore)

Dr Onville Jess PANDES Francisco Sales III (Philippines)

Dr. LAW Sai On (Hong Kong)

Prof. JIAN Lin Ji, Prof XU G Y徐贵云 (China)

Hong Kong Chapter Council Members: 


Chairman: Dr. WONG Ming Cheuk Michael

Vice-Chairman: Dr. LAW Sai On Billy

Hononary Treasurer: Dr. SHAM Shiu Kau

Coordinator: Prof. Mak Kei Yan (Secretariat of AANP)

Coordinator: Dr. CHEUNG Yat Wo Eric (Honorary Deputizing Secretary, Secretariat of AANP)


Dr. WONG Sze Man Queenie

Dr. LAM Ho Bun Marco (Antidepressant Panel Chairman)

Dr. KWONG Po Keung Patrick (Anxiety and Somatic Symptom Therapy Panel Chairman)

Dr. Lee Yiu Kei (ADHD Panel Chairman)

Dr. WONG Ming Cheuk Michael (Antipsychotic Panel Chairman)

Dr. CHEUNG Kin Leung Ben (Harm Reduction Panel Chairman)

New York City
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