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Antidepressant Panel

Chairman: Dr. LAM Ho Bun Marco
Moderator: Prof MAK Ki-Yan


Dr. CHEUNG Yat-Wo Eric

Dr. AU YEUNG Kwok-Leung

Dr. FU Chi-Kin
Dr. LAW Sai-On

Dr. SHAM Shiu-Kow
Dr. WONG Ting-Chi Vanessa
Dr. WONG Chi Keung

Dr. YIP Pui-Lam Isaac

Dr. KONG Ka Lun Alan

Dr. WONG Ka Yau Raymond

Dr. Carey WONG

Consensus statements on the clinical understanding and use of milnacipran in Hong Kong

Wing King Lee, Kwok Leung Au Yeung, Ho Bun Lam, Chi Keung Wong, Ming Kai Au, Hoi Yee Karina Chan, Yat Wo Eric Cheung, Wing Ho Chui, Ting Chi Vanessa Wong, Chi Kin Fu 


Objective: Our aim is to develop a local consensus to guide medical practitioners and psychiatrists on the use of milnacipran in different psychiatric conditions.

Methods: By utilizing the modified Delphi technique, 12 statements were electronically voted on anonymously for their practicability of recommendation.

Results: There was a very high degree of agreement among the consensus group on 10 finalized consensus statements, but 2 statements were voted down due to a poor degree of agreement.

Conclusions: The present consensus statements were developed as general recommendations for medical practitioners and psychiatrists to be practically referred to in clinical settings.

Hum Psychopharmacol Clin Exp. 2018;e2651.

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