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Anxiety and Somatic Symptom Therapy Pane


Anxiety & Somatic Symptoms Therapy Panel

Chairman: Dr. KWONG Po Keung Patrick
Moderator: Prof. MAK Ki Yan

Dr. CHEUNG Yat Wo Eric

Dr. CHAN Yan Kwong Eric

Dr. CHEUNG Hon Kee Henry

Dr. CHONG King Yee Christine

Dr. FONG Yat Yuk Samson
Dr. NIP Wei

Dr. PAO Sze Yuan Ronnie
Dr. TAM Ka Lok
Dr. TANG Man Ho
Dr. WONG Chun Bun Gordon

Dr. YIP Pui Lam Isaac

Dr. Carey WONG

Dr. LIU Yui Hei Calvin


Consensus Statements on the clinical use of Pregabalin in Hong Kong

Patrick Po‐Keung Kwong, Eric Yan‐Kwong Chan, Eric Yat‐Wo Cheung, Samson Yat‐Yuk Fong, Wai Nip, Henry Hon‐Kee Cheung, Isaac Pui‐Lam Yip, King‐Yee Chong, Ronnie Sze‐Yuan Pao, Ka‐Lok Tam, Man‐Ho Tang, Simon Kin‐Cheong Chan, Ki‐Yan Mak


To facilitate the understanding of pregabalin and optimize its clinical usage in Hong Kong, an expert panel (11 psychiatrists, one family physician and one anesthesiologist) experienced in treating anxiety and somatic symptoms was invited to establish a set of consensus statements based on several discussion areas. A non‐systematic literature search for relevant articles was conducted. The panelists addressed the discussion areas by sharing their clinical experience and available literature in a couple of meetings. At the last meeting, consensus statements derived from the proceedings were discussed and finalized. A total of 11 statements were ultimately accepted by panel voting based on their practicability of recommendation in Hong Kong. These statements are aimed to act as a practical reference for local clinicians when they consider prescribing pregabalin in different clinical situations.

Asia Pac Psychiatry. 2020 Sep;12(3):e12403.  © 2020 John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd.

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